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Watch Case & Tray



It looks beautiful and can store your favorite watch. It can also be used as a watch tray.

Designed for folding buckles and rubber straps that cannot be laid flat.

Also, you dont want to put the removed watch directly on the desk or table (to prevent the watch's exterior from being scratched).

In order to compensate for the psychology of enthusiasts, each watch pouch and case can be used as a tray so as not to damage the watch.It is a watch case brand that was born with the aim of covering both needs.

Plier  Watch Poach&Tray《NAVY×BLACK》

​Plier Watch Pouch & Watch Tray 《Navy x Black》

¥24,000 (tax included) JPY * Hand-stitched, 3 coats edge finish, Himeji leather

Product Details

Protect your watch with a watch case that doubles as a tray

A wristwatch pouch and watch case that integrates a folding buckle or a lug and a bracelet, and the shape of the bracelet is three-dimensional even when placed flat.


The model name "Plier" takes its name from the French word for "fold".

The back and inside of the case are made of soft brushed material to prevent scratches on the watch.

A unique watch pouch and watch case design that has never existed before was designed with an emphasis on minimal and streamlined lines. The Prie watch Case & Tray, which looks like a cup, was inspired by the Japanese origami "cup".

There is no doubt that the elegant atmosphere that has never existed will create an adult sense.

In addition, the watch can be placed with the case unfolded, so you can place your watch "in that place" when traveling or when you want to remove it from your wrist for a while.

*Japan leather, hand-sewn finish


Body material: Nume leather (cowhide, surface), nubuck (back), pig suede (inside)

Body size: H13 x W15 x D5 cm

All the leather used is made in Japan and uses rare domestic leather. The outer leather is Himeji leather. It is carefully hand-stitched with the attention of craftsmen, and the plump top is layered many times to create a brand-like texture.

The logo-printed leather on the front feels smooth when you first use it, but since it's oil leather, the more you use it, the more it will become familiar to your hands and become moist and glossy. The blood lineage that can be seen here and there is proof that the cow was alive. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy the individual differences of each piece as "genuine leather".

The lining is nubuck. The bristles are short, so it is soft and moist to the touch.
Because of the matte texture and thick leather, you can feel calmness, elegance, delicacy, and warmth. The more you use it, the darker the color and the more glossy it becomes.

Minimalist design watch pouches and trays combine presence and elegance. Take the generously used leather and put it in your favorite machine.


*Product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

* The color of the product image may look different from the actual product depending on the monitor environment of your computer or mobile device. Please note.

*Since this product uses natural leather material, there are individual differences in color and texture. Please understand it as a characteristic of the material.

Although the back side of the product has been treated with a base treatment, there may be stains and scratches due to the natural leather material. Please understand that it is a characteristic of the material because it is not lined.The stains and scratches on the back are proof that the cow is alive. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy the individual differences of each piece as "genuine leather".

​​ *Accessories and watches are not included.

*There is a possibility that the part where the watch and the leather are in close contact will be scratched due to its characteristics.

*It is not a structure that reduces impact. Therefore, please understand that it does not completely protect the watch from dropping.

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