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watch case


Étui Watch case

Universal and simple watch case! ​

Simple yet functional​Beautifully stored flat

A watch case for storing buckle-type watches in a flat position.

Also, you don't want to put the removed watch directly on the desk or table (to prevent the watch's exterior from being damaged). A watch case brand that was born with the aim of covering both needs by devising ways to use it as an alternative.


Étui Watch Case《DARK BROWN》

Etuy Watch Case 《Dark Brown》

¥18,000 (tax included) JPY *Italian leather, sewing machine finish

Product Details

A look that goes with any watch, anywhere

The model name Étui comes from the case.

Italian leather with beautiful pearly reflection is used. Place two snap buttons to safely store your watch.

In addition, the inside is made of a soft brushed material that makes it difficult to scratch the watch, so it is useful for taking pictures with the watch on the back cover.


Body material: Cowhide (front) Pig suede (back)

Beautiful pearly leather

The pearly Italian leather on the front side and the suede on the back side of ​ are pig suede.

It is characterized by good breathability and softness, which are also characteristics of pig leather.
In order to protect delicate products, it is often used as a lining and is very suitable for watch pouches and watch cases that store watches, so it is used for CELIEU products.


*Product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

* The color of the product image may look different from the actual product depending on the monitor environment of your computer or mobile device. Please note.

*Since this product uses natural leather material, there are individual differences in color and texture. Please understand it as a characteristic of the material.

Although the back side of the product has been treated with a base treatment, there may be stains and scratches due to the natural leather material. Please understand that it is a characteristic of the material because it is not lined.The stains and scratches on the back are proof that the cow is alive. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy the individual differences of each piece as "genuine leather".

​​ *Accessories and watches are not included.

*There is a possibility that the part where the watch and the leather are in close contact will be scratched due to its characteristics.

*It is not a structure that reduces impact. Therefore, please understand that it does not completely protect the watch from dropping.

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