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 Le Carre

Watch Poach

​《Le Carre》


CELIEU leather watch pouch for all buckle type watches

A new series has been added to Poche Carré, which is particular about minimal design and size to the limit.
Le Carre series using Himeji leather from JAPAN.
Each leather pouch is handmade in Japan.


Line up

Le Carre_dark brown_SAMPLE.png
Le Carre_3.jpeg


Le Carré  Watch Poach


¥ 8,800 (tax included) JPY

Le Carre_dark navy.png
Le Carre_ダークネイビー


Le Carré  Watch Poach

《Dark Navy》

¥ 8,800 (tax included) JPY

Le Carre One


Le Carré1  Watch Case《BL×NV》

Le Carré 1 Watch Case

《Black x Navy》

¥15,400 (tax included) JPY *

Hand-stitched, edge-finished, suede lining

Makuake support purchase amount 420% Success

Le Carre_sky blue.png
Le Carre_スカイブルー


Le Carré  Watch Poach

《Sky Blue》

¥ 8,800 (tax included) JPY

Le Carre One
Le Carre1


Le Carré1  Watch Case《BL×GR》

Le Carré 1 Watch Case

《Black x Gray》

¥15,400 (tax included) JPY *

Hand-stitched, edge-finished, suede lining

Makuake support purchase amount 420% Success

Product Details

The Le Carré series is CELIEU original watch case designed from scratch.

​These watch pouches are suitable for watches with bracelets that cannot be folded or straps with a back. 

Due to its compact design, each watch pouch comes with a circular sponge to prevent the watch and bracelet from moving too much.

By using the included sponge, the bracelet and strap will not lose their shape.

These watch pouches are the ideal way to store your watch in your home safe or display it on your bedside or table.

​The CELIEU logo is subtly under the flap.

Please enjoy the "minimal" design, but the "shape" that has never existed before.


[Le Carré]  


Made in Japan by him using Himeji leather (cowhide leather).

Dark navy and brown colors are 'tipped' as a final finishing touch.
It is a product that has a lively finish of craftsmanship that expresses two-tone only on the fine saffiano pattern head.


The sky blue color uses firm tannins to keep its shape and is a combination tanning with a firm texture.
At the beginning of use, it feels solid and hard, but with long-term use, it becomes a product with a tasteful texture.

[Poche Carré/Le Carré 1 Series]

Himeji leather (cowhide leather) is used. All products in this series are hand-sewn by craftsmen and finished with three coats of coating.

We purchase leather from a different tanner than the Le Carré series.

The suede on the back side is pig suede.

This watch case features good breathability and softness, which are the characteristics of pig leather.
In order to protect delicate products, it is often used as a lining and is very suitable for watch pouches and watch cases that store watches, so it is used for Poche Carré and Le Carré 1 series products.

Body size: H8.5 x W7 x D4cm

*Watch not included

*It may not be possible to use for large diameter sizes of 50 mm or more and large wrist sizes.

Recommended watch size: less than 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.2 cm​

*All figures are approximate.


*Product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

​* The color of the product image may look different from the actual product depending on the monitor environment of your computer or mobile device. Please note.

​*Since this product uses natural leather material, there are individual differences in color and texture. Please understand it as a characteristic of the material.

Although the back side of the product has been treated with a base treatment, there may be stains and scratches due to the natural leather material. Please understand that it is a characteristic of the material because it is not lined.The stains and scratches on the back are proof that the cow is alive. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy the individual differences of each piece as "genuine leather.

​*Accessories and watches are not included.
*There is a possibility that the part where the watch and the leather are in close contact will be scratched due to its characteristics.

*It is not a structure that reduces impact. Therefore, please understand that it does not completely protect the watch from dropping.

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