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​How to use



Thank you for purchasing a CELIEU product. This product is made by craftsmen using carefully selected natural leather. Enjoy the unique texture of natural materials.

*Irregular streak patterns, folds, blood streaks, color unevenness, spots, etc. may appear on the front and back of the leather after dyeing or washing. Please note.

Handling precautions
​Precautions for handling

After dyeing or washing, there may be irregular streaks, folds, blood streaks, uneven coloring, spots, etc. on the surface of the leather, but please note that this is not a defect as it is processed from natural materials. .

Precautions about the product


■ If it gets wet with water, it may cause color unevenness, stains, water blisters, or discoloration and stain clothing.

■ Nume leather makes use of the natural texture. Please note that it may absorb water and cause stains.

■ Please note that if you are using light-colored leather or rubber bracelets, there is a possibility of color transfer.

■ Do not use benzine, thinner, or insect repellent as they may deteriorate.

■ Three-dimensional molded products are manually folded one by one and have different facial expressions.

​Store your watch in a macaron


​①Take out the watch pillow from the watch case Macaron. The size of the cushion part of the pillow can be adjusted by removing the cotton.


② Pull out the cotton from the slit of the pillow and adjust the size to fit your arm circumference.


③ Wrap your watch around your pillow.


④Storage your watch

Store the watch urethane foam in the
pelican case



​①Remove the middle of the urethane foam of Pelican Case 1170.


② Set the watch urethane foam.


③ Wrap the watch around the included watch sponge pillow.


④Storage your watch

Please refer to the information on the Pelican case page.

Store the watch in Plier(Plié) 


The back side without the logo is made of nubuck material, so you can secure the best place to put your important watch.

Please use it in every scene such as traveling, home and cafe.

Store the watch in the direction shown in the figure to the bottom of the case, and close the left and right lids along the creases.


Store the watch in Poche carrée

Le Carre1

It can also be used as a tray by using the lid of the watch pouch.

Insert the wristwatch in the direction shown in the figure to the bottom of the case, store the left and right "HAND", and cover it.

Le Carre_5.jpg

Put watch on watch coaster

Sous verre_image②.jpg

Put your watch on the watch coaster and use it.

Sous verre_brown x turquoise blue_image①.jpg

Store the watch in Étui


It is possible to use the lid of the watch case as a tray.

Store the watch in the gap of the case in the direction shown on the left, and close the lid.


How to use the phone strap

phone strap

*The phone strap can be reapplied as soon as it is pasted, but if the adhesive is weakened, it may fall off, so please refrain from using it.

* Depending on the material of the case, it may not stick. In that case, please use another case.

*When the phone strap and hand strap are attached, the thickness increases, so it may be difficult to fit the smartphone case in use, or you may not be able to fit it, so please refrain from using it.


*Leather may stretch during use, so please refrain from using it.

How to use the hand strap

hand strap

You can attach the strap to your smartphone by simply inserting it between the smartphone cases. It can be used regardless of the model of smartphone.

*Because the strap holder increases the thickness, it may be difficult to fit the smartphone case in use, or it may not be possible to fit it, so please refrain from using it.

*The smartphone case is not included in the product. Please prepare by yourself.

hand strap

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