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CELIEU's WatchPoach was introduced by Mr. BENZILLA, a Thai artist.

Mr. BENZILLA, a Thai artist who is also a crew (ambassador) of the Swiss luxury watch brand MAURICE LACROIX, will come to the MAURICE LACROIX EVENT for two days on November 12th and 13th to announce the AIKON#TIDE BENZILLA Edition in collaboration with MAURICE LACROIX. It was a day.

Besides being a street artist, he also collaborates with companies such as Adidas, Casio G-SHOCK, and Levi's, and works on large-scale paintings.

Originally, CELIEU's representative met at MAURICE LACROIX's Asian event in Phuket, Thailand in May 2022, so when he came to Japan, he wore CELIEU's latest model Le Carre Watch Pouch. We customized it to match the designed MAURICE LACROIX AIKON #TIDE BENZILLA color and gave it as a gift.

BENZILLA is scheduled to come back to Japan in 2023 for a solo exhibition.


Introduction of artists


Born in Bangkok, Thailand

Graduated from Bangkok University of Fine Arts and Applied Arts, Thailand.

His artwork is inspired by street art, pop culture, music, skateboarding and science fiction.

Three eyeball characters

A three-eyed character named "LOOOK" presents a concept in a combination of craft painting, spray painting and graphic arts.


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